Inspire yourself with your failure!


I’m celebrating today and you know what I’m celebrating? I’m celebrating a failure.

I was thinking lately that we celebrate almost all the useless occasions than why not the failures as well. Our accomplishments don’t teach us but our loss definitely teaches us something then why do we ignore it so often.

We celebrate our birthday almost every year, right? Even when we know that birthday means we’re growing which also means that a year is deducted from our life but still we prefer to celebrate it. Why? If we can celebrate something that reminds u of death then why can’t we celebrate something that teaches us how to live, how to be better.

So, instead of taking this failure as a bad news, I decided to look at the bright side. Now, I know where and when I was wrong and that can help me in my success better. I mean if we always succeed in life there will be no thrill or excitement and without a challenge, life is quite boring and worthless.

Success doesn’t come on a silver platter for us, we have to work for it and trust me there is no fun in succeeding if you’re not willing to lose first. To find yourself, you have to lose yourself.

So, I’ve finally decided that failure was yesterday and I’m gonna make sure that tomorrow is a success. Living with the burden of failure is only going to bring me down. I’ve been through this before but this time I’m going to face everything differently. Crying my heart out or screaming or even playing blame game is not gonna help, it will only push me towards the depression like before. So, it’s better to look for a bright side rather than mourning for something that’s gone.

Time can’t be turned back and life is gonna move on, no matter how much I want it to stop. If life is waiting for us why should we wait for something to come to us. Let’s get up and get that thing for yourself. In the end, we’re all on our own. Giving up is not the answer to any problem, it just complicates everything.

Being afraid that we’ll lose again; this thought can only haunt us as long as we let it haunt us. The moment we turn our back to it, life will be a lot different. We don’t trust our own life, we don’t know when it’ll deceive us then why are we trusting a failure.

The ride can be long and bumpy but nobody promised a safe road. Even on a journey, we always fall asleep if the road is clear but if the road is bumpy, we stay awake and then we get to see the world around us. All I’m trying to say is that stay awake on your ride even if you fail again just remember that destination is yet to come and you have to stay wide awake to see journey towards it.

To build something, you have to destroy something first.


Love, almily


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