Never play to win, just enjoy it while it lasts.


We all have heard a saying all our lives; “Life is a race.”

We’re also told that if we won’t run someone will step on us and we’ll be left behind. I strongly disagree with these statements.

Life is not a race, it’s a journey but instead of making this journey memorable, we’re trying to demean others or trying to make them feel inferior.

Just stop running for a while and think, you might notice that when we run, the world becomes blurry around us and we only are able to look ahead of us without caring for what was around us. But when you consider just walking, you’ll see the world and you’ll be able to appreciate it.

We get to live only once then why waste it by running all the time? Winner or loser no matter what you are eventually the destination is death. So, why not just savor the moments while we can?

I learned from life that life is like a game but all of us have forgotten the rules of this game. Now, we’re all just playing the game in our way without caring if our ways are right or not, as long as our way gets us what we want, we’ll keep doing it.

A lot of you might have written a diary even just once in your lifetime but did, right? Now, if we read that diary we’ll realize how childish we were. I often write something and after a while, I realize that no, I should write it the other way.

I’m scared that one day when I’m gonna look back at my life, I’m gonna end up saying that no, I should have done it differently. It’s one of my biggest fears but yet, I can’t change it cuz time never goes back. But the point is, even if now I would want to change my life, I can’t but that doesn’t mean life is a mess. Maybe, it is a mess but I’ll have to accept it and I’ll have to deal with it as well. I can’t just back out just because I don’t like my previous decisions.

“Life is a game, only destiny knows how to play.”

Love, almily


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