This blog is all about the conflicted thoughts of mine, with a tinge of life’s different perspective.

My thoughts might conflict with my own thoughts but that’s just who I am.

If you love to read crazy ideas or a different perspective of life then this is your go to place. This blog will give you a little bit of everything

I’m a student with a lot of conflicting ideas in my mind and a lot of questions as well. I like to see everything in a different shape. I do have an imagination world but its not fairytales because I don’t believe in those cliche things that states that girl is a sweet pee and the guy is her knight in shining armor.

Moving on, I’m a food junkie, love music, and supernatural shows. And most of all, I love to read. (Shhh, Don’t tell anyone but I’m a comic book geek as well)

So, do give me suggestion to read stuff, because I don’t get tired of reading.